Welcome to WritingLand – Population Many

This weekend I went to a wonderful writing conference in Irving, TX and was grateful to spend some quality time with some pretty amazing writers.  Some of them I knew, some of them I didn’t, but by the time I left it felt like we were old friends.  One thing that I can say about the world of writing and the people that inhabit it is that it is absolutely amazing.  They are so supportive and understanding.  Young, old, pre-published, published – it doesn’t matter.  They are there for you to share in your success and pick you up when you’re down.  That’s something that’s really special.  So if you are considering writing, even a bit, come into our world.  You’re always welcome with open arms.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to WritingLand – Population Many

  1. Wow that is the truth! Being a writer is like belonging to a secret club, and no handshake is required. :-)I'm going to be in TX in a couple of weeks for the Texas Library Association Annual Conference 2012. Are you going?

  2. So nice to meet you too. I wrote out the first draft and I'm going back to it tonight to revise/revamp. 🙂 Hoping to have it polished before Friday. Thanks for asking!

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