Blog Schedule

Okay…in an effort to build up my blogging skills and get on a regular schedule, I am making myself a weekly line up which I will follow.  So, here’s what’s coming up:

Mondays – WritingLand Musings
On this day, I will share my journey as I navigate through WritingLand.  I will share my inspirations, ideas, information about my characters, thoughts on where my story is heading, and lots of other cool things. 
Wednesdays – Writing to the Beat
This is the day where I will share my musical inspirations, artists I dig, and other musically related items that I feel tie in so closely with the world of writing.  If there is one thing I love just as much as books, it’s music.   
Fridays – Fun Fact Friday!
Fridays will be a fun day where I will share fun facts about things related to writing, my current WIP, locations of fiction, etc.  
I really hope that you will join me on these days, mainly to keep me accountable, but also to have fun and dish with me on the daily topic.  

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