Writing to the Beat – Great Northern

Welcome to the April 25th edition of Writing to the Beat!  If you’re like me, you use music to capture a mood or feeling that you’re trying to evoke in a scene.  Every week, I’ll be sharing some of my mood music with you.  I hope that it inspires you the same way that it inspires me.

This week’s Writing to the Beat artist is Great Northern.

Great Northern is an indie rock band with an amazing female lead, great guitar riffs and a dark, melodic feel.  This is one of my go-to bands when I’m writing scenes with dark, sad, or brooding elements.  To me, when I’m writing to this type of music, there’s almost an underlying anger or determination to the scene.  I picture a strong lead character internalizing all aspects of a situation and thinking on them as they determine which action to take and trying to decide if that is the right choice.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s edition of Writing to the Beat.  Tune in next week to see where my music has taken my writing and where my writing has taken my music. Until next time…


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