Inspiration Station: What Inspires You?

There are so many things that inspire us to write (or draw, or paint, or pursue a dream). Inspiration is all around us, from a drawing to a song to a scene we witness in a park while walking the dog.

My question today is what inspires you?  
I’d have to say that one of my biggest inspirations, especially when it comes to writing, is music.  To me, these two things go hand in hand.  Music is so powerful.  It can evoke a mood, soothe a soul, supplement an emotion, and so much more.  It can be a common language spoken by many and joining people across the world in one verse.  
I’ll be honest, as a fledgling writer, I’m really scared a lot of the time.  I’m scared that I’m not good enough.  That no one will read my words.  That no one will take me seriously.  That I’ll fail.  But then I hear THAT song, the one that paints a picture in my head and I know that I can do this.  I can put a pen to paper and weave a beautiful story.  
So starting today, I’m going to share something that inspires me.  I’ll do this every Friday.  And I’d love to hear back on the things that inspire you.
When I was thinking about my current WIP, I heard a song that captured the essence of the story that I wanted to tell.  Betrayal happens, but it cuts deepest when the person you love the most, the person you trust more than anything, is the one who is dishing it out.  And through the hurt, you make tough choices and rise up more powerful than before.  I can’t wait to write out this scene (it doesn’t happen until book #3 – eek!) and this song definitely keeps me in line with the mood and ultimate end of my story.

I’m looking forward to seeing what inspires you!  For now, ciao my lovelies!


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