COVER & PLOT SYNOPSIS REVEAL – Watermark by Krissi Dallas

I love a good reveal…and this one is awesome.  HOORAY!

I’m super excited to be a part of my friend Krissi’s cover & plot synopsis reveal for the fourth book in her amazeballs Phantom Island series.  If you haven’t picked up this series yet, you definitely should.  Krissi is an awesome author, not to mention incredibly cool human being with hair to die for (I love the latest blue streaks)!  So without further ado…

Watermark Cover

Watermark, the fourth installment of the YA fantasy Phantom Island series by Krissi Dallas is finally releasing this fall! If you haven’t jumped on board this island adventure full of magic, mystery, and romance, now is your chance. Enter to win an autographed Phantom Island trilogy pack, an autographed copy of Watermarkwhen it releases, a tribal t-shirt, or an autographed copy of The Collector by debut author Victoria Scott! The giveaway will be open for entries until Friday, June 14. See information below.

And now for Watermark… the dramatic conclusion to the first half of the Phantom Island series…

I stared at her in frustration. “What is with you?!” I exploded. She was not acting like my best friend. Like my Morgan. “You’ve been so different this summer, and I don’t get it!”
“Well, you’ve been different too! People change, you know,” she snapped back.
“If I’ve changed, fine. But at least I’m still honest with you. You, however, have turned into a liar! If we don’t have trust between us, then what do we have, Morgan?”

Plot Synopsis:
Relationships on the White Island are volatile and Whitnee, Morgan, and Caleb aren’t sure who they can trust—even each other. Politicians are lying, history is being rewritten, and motives are questionable. Whitnee sets out with Gabriel and a band of rebel spies to take back the enemy’s biggest weapon—Whitnee’s father. However, a shocking turn of events proves once again that the Island’s secrets have the power to destroy more than just the truth. Separated from her friends, Whitnee battles her own fears in order to survive and protect the ones she loves. But when Morgan’s illness finally comes to light, Whitnee faces a decision that could alter her future—and Morgan’s—forever. And whether she ultimately stays on the Island or leaves might not be her choice, after all.

 “…[An] earnest tale of magic and romance that deals with the great distance between pain and recovery.” –Kirkus Reviews (Windchaser, Phantom Island Book 1)

How beautiful are these covers?!  Totally love them!

Meet the Author:

Krissi Dallas loves pop music, mismatched socks, and fried chicken.  She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her youth minister husband, Sam, and their two wicked Yorkies, Elphie and Luna. Krissi enjoys hanging out with her quirky middle school students and building the dramatic, magical, and mysterious world that makes up the Phantom Island series. Be sure to check out Windchaser, Windfall, and Watercrossing. Krissi loves connecting with teens, as well as readers and writers of all ages! You can stalk her online at

 What’s Your Tribe?

For an extra entry into the giveaway below, you can visit this link and find out what your tribe is:   I am a proud Aerodorian.  

And now for the GOODIES!

To celebrate the cover & plot synopsis reveal, Krissi is doing an awesome giveaway you don’t want to miss!  Check it out below.  (NOTE:  Contest is only open residents of the United States.)


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One thought on “COVER & PLOT SYNOPSIS REVEAL – Watermark by Krissi Dallas

  1. “Amazeballs”…. still laughing!! Haha. You're awesome – thank you soooo much for featuring Watermark here! Keep writing! We all want to read that novel of yours. 🙂

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