Fun Fact Friday (#1)

Hello and welcome to the first edition of “Fun* Fact Friday!” I want to give visitors to my blog a chance to get to know me outside of the “writing” me. So each Friday, I will share a snippet about myself.

*NOTE: The author makes no guarantee that all facts will be “fun.” She thought the title rolled off the tongue and decided to go with it.

And now I bring you today’s fact:

An incident occurred when I was little that prompted my dad to tell me I was book smart but had no common sense.
Okay, before we start with all the shock and gasps at my dad (how could he say that?!), let me share the incident.
When I was roughly the age in the picture, maybe a year younger, my dad watched my closely as I flipped the front cover of a rather hefty, hard cover book (maybe a dictionary or something like that), back and forth. I can’t say why I was amused by this action, but there I was, flipping back and forth completely entranced. I’m not sure how brilliant the next move was, but I placed my hand in the book and shut the front cover on my hand. That, in itself, was not painful. In a genius follow up move, I placed my free hand on top of the cover and proceeded to press down with the tiny amount of body weight I had. It was over then. 
I screamed and panicked, trying to pull my hand from the book while simultaneously pushing down and trapping my hand. I struggled frantically while my dad laughed, of course (parental right and all). If only I had realized that I had to stop pushing on the book. *le sigh*
So that’s today’s (embarrassing) edition of Fun Fact Friday. Tune in next week for another fun fact!
Ciao kittens!

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